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Teaching people how to connect directly with and to live within the loving energy of Source.






Hi Loves:

Finally! This website has been years in the making. With a bit of procrastination met with determination we have reached this point. I am not a tech girl by any means but we live in a tech world so here we go! This website is built to be easy, easy enough for me to use and hopefully easy enough for you to as well. As most of you already know my attention span is fast paced, to put it gently so hang on and enjoy the ride.

Listed below we have the calendar! You will be able to see all available spots to book sessions with me. It has always been important to me that we have sessions that are available to everyone despite the cost. When your guides request a session they will find a way. These sessions vary with private sessions being one on one and very personal to semi-private groups of 4-8 to open group sessions for all to attend with no limit. The universe takes great care of me so we also offer Free sessions supplied by the Karma Bank which are live on the show.

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Upcoming Classes and Events

I am teaching four workshops which when completed, you will receive a certificate of completion and when all four classes have been taken a graduate certificate in Lightworking and Energy Healing.


  • Discover and Elevate your Psychic and Spiritual abilities
  • Energetic Healing, Clearing, and Readings
  • Learn the Language of Source Spirit and how to recognize Universe communication
  • Mastery Level Power of Now and Presence Awareness.
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Night of Love, Hope, and Laughter with Kris and Joe

This show is how it all started online as I mentioned I am not a tech girl. Joe and I met at an Ashram Sanctuary many many years ago. I had been having a lot of unexplained psychic and channeled messages flowing through and Joe was who I met at the time looking for answers. We became instant friends and colleagues and have worked together ever since. He had started a show during Covid to bring us all together in Love, Hope, and Laughter, in a time of great uncertainty. He asked me to join him. We chat about spiritual topics, and best yet, we get to watch Joe bring over your loved ones from the other side. I’ve had some spirits contact me but never like what I have seen Joe do. He is an evidential medium and his abilities are evidence enough to prove there is in fact life after death. After you’ve had a lovely chat with your loved one, I channel your guides and we never know what information they want to tell you. Sometimes it’s about relationships, work, or just life path and direction. Whatever information comes through for you is exactly what is energetically needed at that moment.

Keep an eye out on upcoming dates and details.

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Night of Love, Hope, and Laughter with Kris and Joe

Love Hope and Laughter Live combined with Joe’s infamous Speaking to Heaven event.

It’s a night to remember. And let’s be honest, Joe and I like to have fun. So not only will there be food and drinks, with spiritual metaphysical vendors, but also music and a cocktail hour meet and greet with Joe and I. We also have VIP tables by request which are guaranteed a reading or two. Keep an eye on the schedule for upcoming dates and details.

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