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At the beginning there was my mother, and grandmother. I remember my grandmother telling my mother, your brother Dale visited me last night and he looked amazing. Dale died when he was 9. I watched my mother save my sister from a child abduction from inside our home while cooking dinner. Another time she walked up to a lake as big as the eyes could see and picked up my drowning sister. Story to follow. I watched her get upset with Cindy, our neighbor, and saying, saying Cindy is now relocating. And Bye bye Cindy. If she told us at any point, don’t go out tonight or don’t see that boy, we just listened. My earliest memory was the turtle story. Animals followed me to the bus stop. Teenage years of angst. A pivotal change was seeing my mother through a concrete wall with five witnesses to the event. Science and everything I had been taught or told as truth, could not explain that.

Superpower! This set the course of my life into the studies of Metaphysics. Fast forward some years BAM! I experienced a FULL and Total and complete mental breakdown. It is as it sounds. My mind, or the constructs of it, cracked. Broke, and what was remaining was THE VOICE.

This voice was clearly and openly communicating directly to me. I’m hearing voices…but at that moment, I was in my mental breakdown, so the voice stayed. It was soothing and loving and kind and talked to me. It told me things. Lots of things. About life, about us, about Peace on Earth and how to achieve it. The full story is on the blog. It’s a good one. Since that day when the voice and I paired up, we have been working together ever since.

I work for the Universe, Source, NoNaMe’ I AM. I do what it says because we made an official agreement. That’s a great story! Check it out in full detail in the blog. So yea! I made a deal with The Source Creator to share the information I learned in any way possible for the remainder of my days here on Earth. Here we are! Welcome, glad you stopped by, but let’s be honest, the voice sent you here. This is what I Am told. If you are here, there is reason and there are no coincidences. YOU are communicating with source just as I am.





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